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Crabtree Innovations
Multi-cam HD
Low Profile Presence
High Impact Video
HD Videography
Phone # 805-208-5950
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Crabtree Innovations
Simi Valley, CA
They are beautiful, quiet, high definition, downloadable, digital videos, that turn your HD TV into a window with a gorgeous view.

Quiet Views are quiet for a reason. There's no noise pollution, no music, no attention getting gimmicks, just peaceful, scenes of uncommon beauty, found in everyday places, ready to display like video paintings on your HD screen.

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They are HD video files in MP4 format. Download them to your PC or Mac, (with up dated systems,) and play them from there. Or, you can tranfer your entire library to a portable drive, so you can connect directly to a large HD TV or Blu-ray player with a USB input. (Recent TV's & Blu-ray players now have USB video capabilities.) Now your library collection is portable.